After party

A bit late, but here are some after-party-links:
Pics at slengpung

A note from the Organizers

We don't want to set strict rules on the party, because we think that sucks. However, please remind that the party is located in a living area where other people might want to sleep. So please be so kind and



Sadly, the Gasthof Hirsch had to close since the last party (although we've always supported him strongly). Today, we talked to Gasthof/Pension Schönblick in Jux, they will make some special agreements for our visitors this year!

The technical equipment will again be rent from Licht und Ton - Rolf Reckling Veranstaltungstechnik.

Our Food support page is online.


[neo] / brainwank made an invitation 4k intro.
(I couldn't watch it, because it's win-only and I don't have any working windows here, but StyX told me it's nice - Ctulhu)


Timetable online


Bine made a great Juxkopfturm-design for the webpage.


Website launched.

Return to the Juxkopfturm?

Yes, we know you all have been waiting for it. 0a000h 2004 will take place from 27. to 29. February, again in the Gemeindehalle Jux, high on the mountain behind Spiegelberg.


0a000h is a party of the so-called demoscene. The demoscene is, in short, everything you can make on a computer that looks good, sounds good or is just cool.
Please note that 0a000h is NO LAN OR GAMING PARTY!!! We won't accept any gamers on our party.

Other Demoparties you might want to visit

The Ultimate Meeting (in december)
Breakpoint (around easter, bingen)
Evoke (in summer, cologne)
Bünzli (in summer, switzerland)

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