Food & Sleeping


Free coffee for all visitors.
Please bring your own mugs!

We will sell snacks and of course drinks for low prices at the party. For real food we again have deal with the local restaurant "Schönblick", which will provide the following meals with reduces prices for 0a000h-visitors:

  • Maultaschen, salad: 6,60.- (Swabian specialty, kind of "Ravioli")
  • Vegetarischer Teller: 6,60.- (vegetarian meal)
  • Penne, Sauce Bolognese, salad: 6,20.-
  • Schnitzel, french fries, salad: 8,50.-
  • Pig meat, Spätzle, salad: 7,50.- (Spätzle are again a swabian specialty, a certain kind of noodles)


For your sleeping pleasure we have a seperate sleeping area. Apart from that you are allowed to sleep everywhere in the building where you do not block any emergency doors (or the organizer area ;-) )
There's some information on the webpage of Spiegelberg about accomodation: