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Again the local restaurant "Schönblick" will sell a few discounted meals. More information can be found here

Stuff to bring along

Howdy everybody!
The party is coming close and in order to make everything run smooth, we compiled a small list of items to bring along.
As, of course, the free coffee will return, we kindly ask you to bring a cup and spoon(s) with you in order to enjoy nonstop coffee-refills. Milk and sugar will be there of course. To have network access, a network cable will be nice (that is, if you don't use W-LAN). As usual you also should bring along your own extension cords to get power as we will only provide a few plugs per table row.

Even more updates

Updates for: Entrance Fee, Compo machines, Timetable, General information

Site updates

The sign-in is now online. If you plan to come, just tell us by adding yourself to the list of people that plan to come!
Apart from that we made some small updates in the Competitions-Section.

Website online

The 0a000h website is now online!

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