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Current News

Results and Releases
Grab the results.txt.
Releases at scene.org
Pictures by mbb
Pictures at slengpung
Review of releases at UK Scene
Thoughts from StyX (in german)
If you have more pictures, reports and stuff about the party, send me a mail. See you next year. Ctulhu

Thanks to all visitors for the great party.
Special thanks to D-Fox for bringing a working Beamer, to Licht und Ton for cheap equipment, to Gasthof Hirsch for their special prices, to Gemeinde Spiegelberg for the location..

Emergency Phone
If you
- got lost in the deep forest of spiegelberg-jux
- need someone to take you from the sulzbach railway station
- have anything else you want to ask the orgas on the phone
you can call our emergency handy 0179 / 205 93 05.

Food support
As last year, we will have a special agreement with Gaststätte Hirsch in Jux:
Pizza for 3,30 €
Pizza + Drink for 3,50 €
And of course we will have free coffee! It would be nice if you bring your own cup to save us some work.

We will have nice T-Shirts for 0a000h! Price will be 16 €. (credits to Topy44 for organizing the shirts)

We now have a Oneliner, which you can also use for lift exchange.

New Location
First the good news: 0a000h 2003 will take place!
It will not be held in Sulzbach, instead we will use last years location in Spiegelberg-Jux.

Invitation Intro
Ctulhu has released an Invitation 4k for 0a000h at TUM.
les bp,[bx] (Linux)

Licht und Ton
LICHT+TON are sponsoring us with a special deal for audio-, power- and bigscreen equipment. Read more on the sponsors page.


"0a000h" is a demoparty in southern Germany. It's a gathering for members of the so-called demoscene, made up of young multimedia enthusiasts that spend their time with coding, making music and producing graphics, simply: modern art.
Although it might look so, 0a000h is NO LAN OR GAMING PARTY !!! People playing games all the day are considered extremely lame and annoying and we will not hesitate to remove any persons which obviously are not members of the demoscene and came to play or do other uncreative things.

Where & When?

0a000h 2003 will be held from 24. - 26. January 2003 in the Gemeindehalle Jux. Jux is part of Spiegelberg.

Last year

If you are looking for Pictures/Reports/Releases of last years 0a000h, go to the 2002 - Page.

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