Food support

We have special agreements with Gaststätte Hirsch in Jux.
Gaststätte Hirsch is located just at the other side of the street. Show them your party-ticket to get the special offers.

And of course we will have free coffee! It would be nice if you bring your own cup to save us some work.

coke, fanta, sprite, lift 1,5 l1,30 €
orange juice 2,0 l1,50 €
[ everything above in a glass 0,5l0,50 €
beer 0,33 l1,00 €
water 0,7 l0,60 €
coffee0,00 €
energydrink 0,2 l1,00 €
deposit for all glasses/bottles/tins0,50 €
sandwich (sausage or cheese)1,20 €
snickers, mars0,60 €
Pizza at Gaststätte Hirsch3,30 €
Pizza + Drink at Gaststätte Hirsch3,50 €
party t-shirt16,00 €
entrance16,00 €

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