Where and when?

0a000h 2003 will be held from 24. - 26. January 2003 in the Gemeindehalle Jux. Jux is part of Spiegelberg.

What you can expect

As last year, you will find a small, low-budget scene-event. We will have a nice location, low prices for entrance and food, many strange compos (especially our extra-small compos) and a lot of fun.
If you have any special wishes for the party, don't hesitate to ask us. If you want to make your own compos, just do it.

About Gamers

If you want to play the latest 3d-shooter games, go somewhere else. We don't want to have any Gamers on our party. WE ARE NOT A LAN-Party!

Entrance fee

16 €
Mat/Ozone can come for free
If you have to travel very far, you can contact us in advance and we can talk about a lower price.

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