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0a000h dEMOPARTY 25. - 27. January 2002 spiegelberg-jux (near stuttgart/germany)
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Reports, Releases:
Press article Stuttgarter Zeitung Online - 26.01.2002 (english translation)
Press article Backnanger Zeitung - 02.02.2002 (english translation)
Pictures from Johnny
Pictures from Topy44
Pictures at SlengPung
Releases at
There was a report in the HUGI 22. Get it from the HUGI Website.

After-Party News:

So, 24.2.2002
We still have a sleeping-bag here. Who has lost his one at the party?

Sa, 16.2.2002
Get the Releases at

Sa, 9.2.2002:
Some After-Party-Comments from Styx.

So, 27.1.2002:
We are all tired, but the party was very fine in our opinion. We already think about making 0a000h next year again.
Send us your feedback.
The Organizers
Get the results.txt.

News on the Party:

Sa, 12:54 Download the Crap-Source of the fast-size-compo.

Sa, 07:20 We have a message-board.

Sa, 04:22 You can get the releases on our ftp.

Sa, 02:50 We now have a online-voting-system.

Fr, 19:21 Look at the network-section to configure your network properly.

Fr, 15:10 We have a food support-section with prices.

Fr, 15:00 Doors are opened!


23.01.2002: Here you can find the way to the party-place.
If you get lost, call our emergency-phone: 0179 / 2059305

19.01.2002: Schedule released.
Grab it here

14.01.2002: Important announcement!
Please do not come to the party with computer equipment without having signed in ! Else we can't guarantee you in any way that you can use it as the computer places are limited ! Apart from that preregistering is recommended anyways.

13.01.2002: We now have a sponsor for technical equipment! Look at our sponsors-section.

12.01.2002: We now have a 0a000h-Banner (thanks to mados). Get it and link to us:

06.01.2002: We made a special agreement with Gasthof Hirsch (sorry, no website), they will make especially cheap pizza for the party visitors.

06.01.2002: Some Infos about the location

08.12.2001: we have a location now!

28.11.2001: website launch
What ?
"0a000h" is a demoparty in southern Germany. It's a gathering for members of the so-called demoscene, made up of young multimedia enthusiasts that spend their time with coding, making music and producing graphics, simply: modern art.
Although it might look so, 0a000h is NO LAN OR GAMING PARTY !!! People playing games all the day are considered extremely lame and annoying and we will not hesitate to remove any persons which obviously are not members of the demoscene and came to play or do other uncreative things. Apart from that please note that game-packages are filtered from the network anyways so you won't be able to play at all.

Where & When ?
The date will be 25. - 27. January. Place is Spiegelberg-Jux. That's no joke, it's really a small place with that name.
You can take a look at the website of Spiegelberg.