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What you can expect...

We will do our very best to provide you a cool party experience. Therefor you are about to experience a cool, familiar athmosphere, friendly organizers and nice people.
We try to provide a network for you, a more or less big bigscreen and a more or less powerful audio system :)
During the whole event you can expect FREE coffee and support with at least snacks. We will also try to keep up a real food support with pizzas etc.
For your delight there will be most probably a demoshow playing some cool demos. Do also not hesitate to ask us playing your favorite production !
Please note, that this would be a unique show. We will definitely NOT annoy you with demos played super-loud throughout the whole event and also not present you any "music act" or newcomer-dj of dubious quality. We recognized on our owns often enough that this kind of entertainment mainly makes it impossible to talk with someone or to watch demos, listen to music etc.
Concerning the compos you can expect some differences from a normal party. For the "normal" sceners we feature of course the standard demo/intro/zik/gfx compos. For the hardcore-size-coders among you we also have 256byte and even 64byte intro-compos on stock ! Apart from that of course surprise compos and fun compos like keyboard- or cd-throwing.