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21 2002-03-07
somnium hmm stimmt wohl :D
20 2002-03-06
bernd "0a000h will be held from 25. - 27. January", "maybe even sponsors... (still searching for some)" <-- no further comments needed! ;) Okay, schon gut die Seite, aber ein paar Aktualisierungen wrden nicht schaden.
19 2002-03-05
somnium wieso denn? die site ruled doch, vielleicht nich mehr all zu aktuell aber is doch okay soweit :D
18 2002-03-05
bernd Sagt mal WebAdmin, wie wr's mal mit einer neuen Seite? ;-))
17 2002-02-21
StyX some party pictures at and we hope soon also here =) topy44 has also some at
16 2002-02-14
diver War ne geile Party, mit guten Releases und nice Competitions.
15 2002-02-12
mados Gibt's eigentlich irgendwo Partyfotos?
14 2002-02-02
Mr.Vain I really liked the great party and all this friendly people! Thanks to all who helped me...! Hope to meet you all next year on the same partyplace! Keep on ya great work dudes and stay cool... bye [ Secretly! - sponsor of the beamer]
13 2002-01-31
BlackDeath Danke fr die coole Party, wre bei der nchsten sicher wieder dabei. Dann mit eigenen demos/intros cya
12 2002-01-31
bernd I changed the board so that only ten messages are displayed by default. If you wish, you can bookmark the link at the bottom of the page, which will show you all messages.
11 2002-01-31
ThUmB Die Releases findet ihr auf !!! ;)
10 2002-01-31
Tranquilizer Die Releases mssten alle schon auf zu finden sein.
9 2002-01-31
-= mAc =- der FTP Server mit den Releases scheint down zu sein... :-(
8 2002-01-30
ThUmB Wer von Euch hat Fotos von der Party gemacht? Knnt ihr diese ins Netz laden bzw. an mailen? Danke!
7 2002-01-30
Mr.Vain Eing.A Kein Signal
6 2002-01-30
Tranquilizer Yeah! It was a great time to beeing in Jux on the 0a000h party. Would like to see you all again next year! :-) Respects to all sceners. Secretly!
5 2002-01-30
[neo] great party! great compos! interesting people - see you next year at 0a000h 2003! i hope for a better location.(...and email entries suxx)
4 2002-01-30
ThUmB We like to hear that you had fun at the party. We hope that we can do another party next year, maybe in a better location. And of course with a 64b compo ;)
3 2002-01-29
somnium thx orgs, great party! hope there will be a 0a000h next year! great people, great releases, great organisation!
2 2002-01-29
mados 0a000h is over. Respect to the organizers! Respect to all party people! Where's the next 32b compo?
1 2002-01-29
bernd SQL-based message-board now online! ;)