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General rules
To provide a nice party for everyone, as always there are some rules to follow.

- Alcohol is not forbidden. However, drunken people who disturb the party or damage things will, as well as all other annoying persons (gamers) be removed from the party place and in extreme cases handed over to the local police
- Drugs are not allowed according german law
- Games are NOT allowed, forbidden, a sin, your dead, your end, just read it again: NO GAMES AT THE PARTY !!!
- You are allowed to bring any kind of lighting and sound stuff with you to provide a cool athmosphere as long as you do not disturb anyone. In such a case you have to turn it down or off
- oversized audio-equipment (means man-sized speakers and amplifiers) is forbidden
- During competitions turn off bright lights and ALL audio. Respect the work of others
- depending on the location it might be necessary to turn down noise during nights, but we'll see for that
- any damages to the party place will be paid from compo prizes or, in the case of an identification, by the craphead who did it
- you should not bring stuff that eats too much electricity (no refrigerators, no other kitchen-eqipment, no hughe Soundsystem etc.)

Allowed things
Of course we do not suck around like other parties with telling you things like "if you enter the organiza-only-areazzz you'll be splattered immediately", we also give you all freedom to have a nice party.

- Making your own show is welcomed as long as it can be realized within our technical and organizational limits
- Critics, answers, support, help etc. is always welcome
- The introduction of your own compos is welcomed as long ahead...
- Making fun of gamers is strictly allowed
- giving support-money to the orgas is welcomed :))
- and everything else to have fun is allowed of course, too !

Special Quake-Rule
If we see Quake, Halflife, Counter Strike or something like that on your PCs Screen, we will announce the REALITY Quake-Compo and you will take part!