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Where ?

Finally we found a location that pleased us. It's located about 45km in the north of Stuttgart in a little place called "Jux". That is a part of a very small town called "Spiegelberg" (detailed travel infos see below !). The location is a small multi-functional hall which will be big enough for around 50-70 people.

What's up there ?

The hall does have its own parking area with space for approx. 25 cars which we hope is enough. We will try to reservate this space extra for the party.
The location does feature also a small seperate room for sleeping and a (kind of a) bar. There are no showers, but I think we're gonna survive that.

Some rules

The hall is located right in the center of the "town". That means that we are partly surrounded by houses. We didn't exactly check that out yet, but it's quite sure that we have to keep the noise down during nights, means between 1:00 and about 8:00. That does not mean, you have to shut down everything and are only allowed to whisper, but it means that you could use earphones if possible and do not use your amplifiers to the max. It does simply mean that you should pay consideration towards the citizens as well as to the other attenders that maybe want to have some silence. In short:
- Help to create a moderate noise level (e.g. earphones)
- Keep the main door closed due to noise (in winter you will do that anyways)
- If you are outside do not scream around :)

Other problems

Getting there is quite difficult. The town is so small that the first road sign leading the way is about 2km before it :) Thus we will try to give you a very detailed travel information + 0a000h road signs + we give you a telephone number where you can call us if you are stuck in the evil forests around or when you become attacked by wolfes, bears or barbarians :)

Don't forget the fact, that it's winter ! Jux is a place lying around 460m above sea level and the area we live in is relatively cold in January. Thus be prepared for snow and freezing temperatures. Actually there should be no problems with the streets but anyways: roads to jux are of poor quality, so be careful!

Getting there

Please click here for more information.