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Getting there by Train/Bus

There is no possibility to get to Jux by Train and also Busses only drive there around 5 times per day. When you plan to come by Train you should leave at Sulzbach/Murr (either coming from Nürnberg or from Stuttgart). Then call us and we will pick you up.
Please contact us when coming by train.

Getting there by Plane

What the ****...o.k. Either jump out right ahead Jux or fly to Stuttgart. From there by S-Bahn and Train again to Sulzbach/Murr. Contact us if you plan to come by plane.

Getting there by car

When coming from the NORTH (Motorway 6 or 81) always keep in the direction of STUTTGART.Then at the "Autobahnkreuz Weinsberg" (near Heilbronn) change to the A81 (if you are already on that just drive on). This one again leads directly to Stuttgart, so it's easy find the right way. Leave the A81 at exit point Nr. 11 ("Heilbronn/Untergruppenbach") and drive into direction of "Löwenstein". From Löwenstein keep on into the direction of "Neulautern", "Spiegelberg", "Sulzbach/Murr" (one will be listed on the signs :). Now always stay on that road until you are in SPIEGELBERG. In Spiegelberg we will have "0a000h" signs, but anyways: in the centre you will find a street to the right leading up the mountain. A sign will say "Jux". Now stay on that road (you won't be able to leave it anyways I think ;) until you reached Jux and exactly to your left you will now see the parking area and the hall.

When coming from the SOUTH (also: Switzerland, Austria) drive on the A81 into direction Stuttgart. At the "Autobahnkreuz Stuttgart" change to the A8 (direction Karlsruhe, Heilbronn). After a short time change back on the A81 direction "Heilbronn" ("Autobahndreieck Leonberg"). Leave the motorway at exit point Nr. 13 ("Mundelsheim") and drive to "Grossbottwar". From Grossbottwar drive to "Oberstenfeld" and then direction "Gronau" After Gronau (see map) you must keep to the right and leave the civilized world (possible road signs: Spiegelberg, Nassach, Jux, Sulzbach/Murr :). If everything goes well you should pass "Kurzach" and after some while there should be signs to "Jux". Good luck :)

From the WEST (also: France) you should try to get on the A8 from Karlsruhe to Stuttgart. Shortly before Stuttgart ("Autobahndreick Leonberg") change on the A81 direction "Heilbronn". Now read above for further instructions.

From the EAST/Northeast main direction is Stuttgart. There are two possibilities: either you're driving the A6 from Nürnberg or the A8 from Munich/Augsburg. Anyway, you must change on the A81 either at "Autobahndreick Leonberg" (further way see above) or at "Autobahnkreuz Weinsberg" (further way see at "coming from the NORTH")

Emergency Phone

If you need help to find the way to Jux, phone us at:
+49 (0)179 - 2059305