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After getting more informations about the location, we have some important announcements to make.
As the location is relatively old, the electric installation is not made to provide power for the next Manowar concert. It will be enough for our purposes, means demoparty, but (we're sorry) there are some definit rules to follow: please do not bring along stuff that eats power like hell, means: fridges, ovens, microwaves as well as any Cray machines, Linux cluster systems, oversized audio equipment or your 16:9 widescreen TV. Power failures are not the thing we fear, but we're not in favour of having destroyed fuses (and many in that building are not those nice snap-in fuses) or even worser things.
We will provide power plugs at every table, which will be enough that everyone can plug in one more multiple-plug for his machine. I think it's not to mention that you better use all plugs provided than pluggin' everything into one cable. Surplus plugs will be closed by a piece of adhesive tape, please do not use them !
That might sound hard, but we count on your cooperation.
The second thing to note is: although the hall *might* take 70 computers, we will for the first limit the number of computer places to 50. That results in some safety concerning the power (if someone still smuggled in his 500W coffee machine ;) and in more place for you (which is not a bad thing I think). Additionally of course some people can come without computer, so that the total amount of visitors will lie between 70 and 80. Result: if you want to come *with* a computer please *register in advance* ! Else we can't guarantee you to get a place! Anyways, preregistering is heavily recommended because then you get a stylish hi-quality printed ticket with name and handle (else some organizer will scribble it in a low-quality ticket =))
If you are not sure about the place-situation mail us or visit the site.