friday 24/01/2003
15:00doors open
19:00opening ceremony (most likely to be faked)
23:05alternative demoshow (wishes ? contact styx)
24:00deadline: all graphics, ascii, ansi

saturday 25/01/2003
00:30all graphics competitions (including ascii and ansi)
04:00deadline: textmode demo compo, all music
11:00tracked music, streamed music, c64 music competitions
13:00beer brewing compo
14:00start fast size coding compo
15:00end fast size coding compo
16:00deadline: all alternative platforms demo (c64 and wild that is...)
16:00pc speaker music compo, textmode demo compo
17:00c64 demo, wild demo compo (means: all alternative platforms)
19:00shitmusic and happy hardcore competitions
20:00deadline: all demo, all intro
20:30pc 32byte and 256byte intro competitions
21:15all 4k intro competitions (probably merged...)
22:00pc 64byte intro compo
22:45pc 64k intro compo
23:45pc demo compo

sunday 26/01/2003
10:00voting ends
12:00pricing ceremony (beer brewing jury before)
13:00official end, 0a000h is over
16:00doors close, welcome back next year
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