General Information


0a000h 2008 will take place from 5. December to 7. December 2008.
Doors will open Friday, 16:00, Prizegiving is planned for Sunday, 13:00.

Entrance Fee

Due to higher prices for power and location rental in general, we unfortunately have to raise the entrance fee to 25 EUR this year.
Girls do neither get in for free nor get discounts. We don't explicitely offer any discounts, however if you have the feeling that you should pay less (e.g. you travelled 8245km to 0a000h) you just may ask friendly. But keep in mind, that we are an uncommercial event with no real sponsoring, so we need that money to pay our bills :-)

General Party Rules

Please be sure to read and understand the following party rules:

  • NO LOUD NOISE DURING NIGHTS! While the hall itself is pretty good insulated against noise, we would like to remind you, that the party place is located right in a housing area. So, if you are outside for a smoke, please be silent! No screaming, no megaphones!
  • In general, behave :) The hall has been refurbished lately.
  • No smoking inside the party hall. Unfortunately it is also NOT allowed to smoke in the entrance area, so you have to leave the hall completely for smoking.
  • We are NOT responsible for your health or any of your property you bring with you to the party
  • Disturbant individuals causing damage to things or other individuals will be thrown out and most likely handed over to the local police. Damages will be charged to the vandalist. So, behave yourself!
  • Please don't bring stuff like fridges, any other kitchen equipment, heaters or oversized PA with you
  • Respect German law. Illegal actions, especially regarding software piracy, can not be approved of. The consumption of drugs and alcohol is tolerated ACCORDING TO GERMAN LAW and as long as you don't disturb others.


We will provide a party network with IRC and FTP servers.

Previous years

We still have the webpages for previous years online: